Animal Driven Multi Purpose Energy Device

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Durga engineering, Kanpur
Multi purpose animal driven (bull, buffalo, bullock, donkey , camel , mule etc...) driven device which can run many device which is run by electric power just like- Chopper machine, Chakki, spaler, laith machine, Compressor, cotton machine, Irrigation Pump.
Water Pump
Centrifugal Pump :
  • Can lift water from 30-40 feet depth for this purpose 8 H.P. motor is required. Similarly this type of work done with the help of 1 pair of bullock/buffalo by using this device.
  • The problem of dependency on diesel & electric power for irrigation purpose could end by using this type of device. Animal based Sustainable Economy gives self reliance that is no inflation due to international linked price of oil , coal or uranium.
  • The cost of animal driven centrifugal pump is very cheap as compare to solar irrigation pump or diesel pump. For F.Y. 2015-16 Finance minister has alloted INR 400 Crores for 1 Lakh solar power driven agricultural pump sets and water pumping stations. Rs. 400 Crores for 1 Lakh solar pumps translate to about Rs. 40,000 per pump. Most of the agricultural water pumps are above 3 Horse Power(HP), with 5 HP pumps being very common. The cost of a 5 HP AC solar(approximately 4.8 kWp) water pump is roughly Rs. 5 Lakh !! That means that Rs. 40,000 per pump incentive translates to less than 10% of the cost of a 5 HP pump. This seems inadequate, unless this amount is over and above the 30% subsidy already provided by the MNRE.
  • By keeping and feeding drought cattle for this purpose , farmer's will also get in return valuable Dung & Urine to fertlie land. Organic manure (in place of chemical fertilizers) will rejuvenate soil adding to its productivity and yield. So the complete Nutrient Cycle will be restored partially (as far as cattle is concern). This will empower rural India, naturally. Buffalo dung Cake can also be used as Cooking Fuel to reduce dependancy on Kerosene OR LPG.
  • Farmers are not easily getting attracted by Solar Irrigation Pump due to high cost, Trouble in moving from one place to another , Inconvenience in operating as compare to Diesel Pump. Just about 25000 Solar pump is operating in comparision to 1 cr. diesel pump.
  • India is approx. using 2.60 cr. Irrigation pump. Out of which approx. 1 Cr. is running on diesel & rest on electric. Out of total raw material cost required to produce crop , approx. 30% is spend by farmers on this irrigation pump energy cost. So animal driven pump can score on other options.
  • Pollution level is zero
Screw Pump :
  • Can lift water from 150 ft depth & can fill tank placed 50 ft height, having capacity of 15,000ltr/hrs.
  • There are also water pumps which can lift water from 80 ft depth & can fill a tank at 35 ft height.
  • This pump have capacity to lift 15,000-20,000 liter water per hrs, along with this it is ecofriendly, low maintenance cost, suitable for any season.
  • Cost Approx. INR – 50,000/- for 150 ft.
  • Suitable in any season & any region.
  • Can keep environment safe & clean.
  • Dependency on electric & petro products could end by using this pump.
  • We can run this pump 4 hrs continuously giving rest one hrs to bullock can run another 4 hours.
Multi Purpose Animal Driven Pump Bullock/Animal Driven Generator cum Battery Charger
Role Of Corporate / Individuals (SPONSORING atleast a PUMP) :
  • Corporate Can Sponsor atleast 50% Amount of this Pump as a CSR responsibility for future generation of India. Balance 50% amt. will be paid by needed farmer himself.
  • Individuals Or Group Of Individuals Can also participate in Sponsoring 50% Amt. of this Pump. Balance 50% amt. will be paid by needed farmer himself.
  • Drought Animal is not useless. They normally survive by waste of crop such as grass , straws , oil cakes , chuni or bran , fruits and vegetables wastes etc.. and helps us in Recycle this Nutrient taken from Soil Back to Soil via dung and urine. Nutrient Cycle Principle is What ever Nutrient Taken from Soil via Crop Must go back to Soil to Sustain affordable agriculture. Cattles helps us in this task as in India Cattles have been fed majorly with waste of crop as against other countries where they have been fed with grain to increase meat.
Bullock/Animal Driven Generator cum Battery Charger :
We have developed an electric generator cum charger for solving the problem of electric power. Running a pair of bull/buffalo for 3hrs it can charged two battery of 12 volts completely, expence on diet of Bull/Buffalo par day can be compensated with their dung & urine for Organic Manure & Natural Pesticides. So by generating electric power we can also supply soil with essential nutrient which is recycled by this dumb animal. Generally their diet is Straws , Grass , Chuni or Bran, Oil Cake, Vegetables & Fruits Waste etc.. which is waste for human but need to recycled as it can be a part of any crop. This type of electric power generation is safe & hygienic. Bullock/Animal Driven Generator cum Battery Charger
Note : Every healthy Draught Animal has different Traction Power. Bullock & Buffalo has approx. 0.75HP Traction Power. Horse has approx 1.00 HP , Camel approx. 1.50 HP , Mule approx. 0.70 HP , Donkey Approx. 0.4 HP. Thus using Draught animal we can not only generate power , but can also Recycle crop waste Nutrient via Dung and Urine, which is a WIN WIN Situation for any country. Draught Animals are not Liability But Asset of any country as till they lives gives us valuable Dung And Urine to enrich our Soil by Recycling crop waste which is not human diet.
Write To US / Sponsor a Irrigation Pump Cum Multi Purpose Energy Device (50% amt. as Sponsorship + 50% farmer's contribution.)
Note : Sponsorship programme will be carried out with the help of NGO and hence details will be sent to interested party accordingly.
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Innovation - Protection From Mobile Radiation
Bullock/Animal Driven Generator cum Battery Charger
We have prepared Cow dung belt for protection against radiation releases from mobile. It can be used as mobile cover to protect oneself from mobile radiation. We have done a test infront of Hindustan News Paper team. First we have put sensor in mobile and dial a call on this mobile number. The moment call connected sensor connected to mobile started glow and phone started ringing. Before ringing light connected to sensor started glow due to radiation. When Mobile has been kept in between Cow dung Belt then same radiation stops and sensor does not glow. To understand this concept many technical institution of the country is involved but yet no body could understand what is there in cow dung which is stopping this radiation.